How I was ejected out of matrimonial home without quit notice — Widow narrates ordeal

For 49-year-old Mrs. Funmilola Ajiyo, life may not have been a bed of roses.

Ajiyo Funmilola

Aside from losing her husband, Mr. Lawrence Ajiyo to the cold hands of death, no thanks to a fire disaster from a cooking gas on April 24, 2011, some family members conspired with her lawyer to confiscate everything the deceased left behind, she alleges.

As it stands, Mrs. Ajiyo, who claims to be the only legal wife of the late Lawrence Ajiyo and mother of his daughter, Precious Ajiyo, has been thrown out of her matrimonial home situated at 1, Oreofeoluwa Crescent, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos.

In the wee hours of Friday, January 14, this reporter received a call from the widow (Mrs. Funmilola) who narrated how some police officers, who were in the company of others who claimed to be court sheriffs from the Lagos High Court, “forcefully” took possession of her matrimonial home without prior quit notice, and threw her belongings out.

Ajiyo Funmilola

“As I speak, they (one Reverend John Otahumele and others) evicted all my tenants (about seven) from their apartments, took over my matrimonial home. I can no longer sleep with my two eyes closed because of the threat to life. I’m calling on all Nigerians to come to my aid. My life is in serious danger. I had to take my only daughter to boarding school just to save her as well from being attacked. All I want right now is justice (cries),” she lamented.

Ajiyo Funmilola

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