How I Finally Got The Job After All My Searching Last Year-Through ebimnageniusland facebook page

I have been applying so many companies but they have never given me the job, I have all the charisma for the job, am super experienced in all angles for the job, but they kept rejecting me in every company that I applied,

I have been wondering maybe God doesn't want me to work after my university days, I studied Java programming at my higher institution, and I have my masters degree and my PhD too. After all the years spent in the university with the money involved too. I tried all I could to wipe my mom's tears of all she has done for me by training me in all these years, I kept being rejected.

The most surprising part of it was that my mother never lets me down, even as a graduate with all those certificates, she never gave up on me. She kept prying for me and kept encouraging me, I told God to wipe my tears throughout the year 2017 but all to no avail,

I paid my tithes, I give offering in the services in the gatherings of the midst of the people of God, I did all the things I need ed to do, Both living a righteous life and being there for my mom. After all these things, all my efforts fall back to my face.

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