How do you write proposals for undergraduate project topics?

It is very easy to twist the understanding of undergraduate projects proposals to mean business project proposal. Reason could be that they sound and perhaps points to similar direction although one means a lot more than the other. But I trust that by reading this, you will get a clearer picture of what project proposals really means in undergraduate research and ofcourse how to write it better without mixing up the idea.

What is a project proposal?

Put simply, a project proposal is a written plan, drafted basically to highlight the phases a particular project is meant to pass through from the beginning to completion.

Comparatively, undergraduate project proposals are written plans about undergraduate project topics, drafted to highlight the stages that undergraduate projects will have to pass through before it becomes a full research, from the start to completion.

What’s the difference between undergraduate project proposals and business proposals?

Business proposals are more like pitching a business in a written form. It contains the executive summary which includes the historical background of the business in question. For easy understanding, a business proposal is meant to sell an idea, product or programme to investors, prospective buyers, angel investors and sponsors while putting their personal and business interest into consideration in order to bring their interest to bare.

Undergraduate project topics proposal is primarily meant to ascertain the students’ understanding of the project topics which they are about to research on. The means to this end is by allowing students present their approved project topics as well as every procedure they intend to deploy to complete their undergraduate project research.

How to write simple proposals for undergraduate project topics

  • Re-emphasize your undergraduate project topic once more

  • Write the ‘statement of problem’ in simple prose – the statement of problem is the idea or issue that has prompted the research. It is good to narrate a little about the problems on ground already and the level damage faced.

  • State the main the objective of the research and in some cases all the objectives of the research

  • Outline the research techniques involved

  • The research population, sample size and sampling procedures

  • State the instrument for data gathering

  • The methods of data analysis

  • And the theoretical framework to be used for the research.

Some institutions or faculties will prefer to have students’ project proposal this simple but sometimes, it has to be detailed at each of the stages so that you follow the same steps till the end of the research.

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Thanks for the post, I will be using these tips for inspirations on my undergraduate accounting project topic


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