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Love and dating-which also happen in other social network like facebook-is a personal thing, and I personally do not see anything wrong with it in this online forum, except that, it should be done with respect and sense of maturity. We can help other dormant members to begin to participate by calling them out, and making the environment friendly and conducive for them. Abusive and derogatory remarks should not be used on others no matter how different and diversed our oppinions and backgrounds may be. Members also should exercise maturity and tolerance,and not to take it personal, when unpopular,strong or blunt statements are made on some burning or sensitive issues. I think all these and many more will make this online forum to be more interesting and better.

Charles morris said:
Atleast we're on d race and u knw dat nt evrybody dat r on d race cld win it. Vanguard community n its members r nt doing enough in terms of creating dat space 4 awareness n gud reporting. Vanguard shud hv create a little space on their daily news papers 2 make d masses feel how its members react 2 Government policies n some other social needs in our various societies. Then on a code of conduct, informatn shud be giving 2 all members in checkmating d kind of relationship one intended 2 keep in d house cos ever since i'm a member here there're some members dat cannot come on board 2 contribute their topics bt remained at d bar 2 exchange loving txt, tell whom is pretty or nt, so when u put this into cognizance u hv 2 knw dat we're far from d best.
mavos were here cos we like the site and we enjoy all peoples here there knowldge is superb there coment is excelent lets keep it up i rate it 80percent
They ar tryg there best.I c dem as d best.


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