It is not by EFCC! By employing Rawlings example!

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Clean up the leadership the J J Rawlings style, or by popular uprising, revolution, not just NLC street protest.

NLC is part of the problem they can be easily intimidated and bought by government just like what is going on now.

The fact is that Nigerians have no guts to revot despite robbing shoulder with poverty, sufferings, and hardship. Black

people in general are just too timid and so afraid of their governments, that is why they wili remain poor for long time.

Other races are shaping their ways to prosperity by popular uprising and revolution. egypt, tunisia, yemen, syria, thailand etc. Sub sahara Africa will be left behind because of their fears., and that is why blacks are discriminated against around the world because they see blacks as timid, uncivilize, lazy, and people without direction. 

This is one area that Nigerians have paid lip service to.  NLC and its leadership cannot stage a protest on corruption because they are not clean either.  We need a revolution to stamp out corruption.  But how it will start and where it will start from is what I cannot say.


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