How Bitter Kola Can Prevent from Malaria Medicine

Kola is usually in two varieties namely bitter kola and kola nuts. Though the focus of this manual is on bitter kola, It is important to note that kola nuts is further sub-divided into Gworo and Igbo Oji.

While gworo is mostly consumed in the Northern part of the country, Igbo oji is mostly consumed in the Eastern part of the country, where they play a very significant role in the custom and tradition of the people.

Bitter Kola {Garcinia Cola} is one of the varieties of kola that can be found in the Nigeria which are mostly found in the southern parts of the country and some of their uses are stated below.

Bitter kola is said to have medicinal use such as relieving cough, asthma, headache, Malaria, waste pain etc.No wonder they are used in pharmaceutical companies.

1.They are used in the preparation of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.
2. They are used in the production of cola soft drinks.
3. They are used in the production of energy drinks
The product is usually available in the market between March to November of the year.
Beyond the regular chewing of bitter kola, it will amaze you to know that there is hot demand for the product both locally and international.

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