Some possible reasons research are carried out is to find a solution to a long age problem, to determine the cause and effect of recurring cases, find reliable answers to pressing questions and sometimes to finish up an unconcluded project. However, little fraction of people have realized that project research are not just meant for the present, they are meant for the future.

If you need your tech research work to be used, implement it. If you need your mechanical research work to be useful, execute it. If you need your art research work to be seen, exhibit it. If you want your paper project to be read, publish it. This article will reveal how and where to publish your project research online.

Frankly speaking, millennials came to see the results of older research which they are yet to recover from because the results of these research were well managed, stored, became feasible with time and has eventually become part our everyday live . Interesting enough, research will continue in every sphere of human endeavor particularly in the education sector but will yield little or no impact if not managed to become useful now and in the nearest future.

Talking about education, it has almost become a routine for students to conclude their paper project research and abandon the copies in the comfort of their library, book shelf and even in their supervisor’s office whereas several opportunities abound to publish such research papers.

Why is it needful to publish a project research paper online and not dump them?

Project research papers benefits a researcher better if published; why because;

  • The researcher reserves the copyright and chooses to do whatever he/she pleases with his project paper including publishing it, selling it and dumping it.
  • The researcher can make money from his project paper
  • Your successors, undergraduates and others can use your project as resource material to development their own research.
  • You stand the chance to be referenced or cited by many for mere copying an extract from your work.
  • It costs you little or nothing to publish your intellectual work online.

So, where can you publish a project online?

Several platforms are available online to publish a project. However few websites are highlighted below. They include the following;


Academic online journals are not only credible platforms to publish your paper research project, it gives monetary value to your project. You know, before someone can gain full access to your intellectual work in a journal, he/she has to pay. Interesting enough, the payment is recurrent; as many people as possible can pay to have full access to the book as far as it is relevant and updated.

Codemint Sell Project

Codemint is a project website that offers project research materials to undergraduates. As part of their programmes, Codemint create platform for students to publish or sell their projects of various departments to people who will need it for further research. School Finalist simply need to create an account, upload the paper research project and get paid.

Moreso, Codemint Crowdsource computer source codes from experienced programmers who are rewarded as soon as the softwares are tested and uploaded on codemint.


Academia is an online platform where scholars share research resources to millions of researchers around the globe and receive citation up to five years.

How can you publish your paper project online

There is no hard and fast way to publish a paper online. The order or prompts you take to publish a project is specific to the website. However, you must ensure that your paper project contains every necessary and credible detail that makes it a project.

Secondly, be sure the project has passed though the supervision of a lecturer and thoroughly edited. While some websites like academia may request you to subscribe, others like codemint permits you to publish for free.

Whatever be the case, just be sure not to dump your project paper. You may not know, someone somewhere needs it to his/her research.  

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