Hotel business is very lucrative and finance intensive. Hotel is available in every two to three streets in most towns in Nigeria. Hotel is very important in every country and town for reasons including: accommodation, food, relaxation and fun fare.

In Nigeria, there are millions of people who at one point or the other requires hotel. Some individuals takes their weekends seriously for funfair only and the one place they go to catch fun is a hotel. This depends on the type of hotel, a good hotel provides food, drinks, clubs and swimming pool.

These individuals who are up for fun every passing week and have money to spend goes to hotel to satisfy their needs. Starting a hotel business is a lucrative business, inasmuch as it is capital intensive but in the long run it will yield more than the capital, let’s say few years all depending on some factors we will discuss later.

Hospitality is very much needed by people from those seeking fun and tourists. Hotel is one place they seek for hospitality. It is important that a hotel provides enough hospitality for customers so as to ensure that they are comfortable. The benefits of giving customers enough hospitality is to ensure that they come back, for customers to get the value of their money and to create a reputation for the hotel.

What does hospitality mean in hotel?
It creates a brand for the hotel. You succeed in creating a name for your hotel. People will describe your hotel according to your service.

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