Hope- the core essence of our human and planetary survival- and the Difference Theory. By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr. (Year 2010)

Often times we are asked what our worldviews, our races, our ideologies, our religious beliefs and/or affiliations, are. But far less often are we asked what our hopes are; as some may see the idea of hope as religious, personal, irrelevant, non-relative and unimportant to the affairs of our daily lives. And this has almost, if not, become the norm in most of our practices, today. The reason, it seems, is that the orchestrators and power structures in our societies have somehow successfully programmed and made the majority of us believe and remind ourselves- through our rather insensitive and malign attitudes towards one another- that we are really different in all aspects of our lives. But what is rather ironic about all of these views is the fact that our world and our everyday lives are predicated on this simple four-letter-word: HOPE. It took me a good period of time to investigate this reality (in my opinion) and think it through, carefully and thoroughly. Some may ask: ‘why use hope as a central idea in representing or positing the human propinquity?’ In response to this, I beseech my readers to carefully read through the remainder of this article and decide if I have, perhaps, attempted to answer their question. But, more importantly, to ascertain for themselves- after pondering over this article- whether our hopes are similar or not. And if we as a people, are bound together by these (shared) hopes.

We hope we are continually blessed with the privilege and ability to pay our bills

We hope we have a roof over our heads, and not have our homes foreclosed on

We hope our cars do not breakdown on our way to an important appointment or event

We hope we find the right partners to spend the rest of our lives with, faithfully; in sickness and in health, when rich and when poor, until natural death comes to take us

We hope the ones we love and stood by throughout their trials and struggles, do not abandon us when they find their feet, or when we need their love and support in return

We hope our friends genuinely mean it when they say they love and care about us

We hope we love our friends just as we love ourselves

We hope we admire our friends’ successes with a genuine and happy heart

We hope those who claim to be our true friends are there to rescue us in our times of need

We hope our friends are truly understanding of our situations when we explain it to them

We hope we say “I love you” to our friends and families before they pass on

We hope our family members do not commit suicide or go out on rampage and kill people en masse, out of their frustrations with life

We hope we succeed in life and that our situations change for the better- good health, good job + promotions, and flourishing businesses

We hope we get to enjoy all these goodies life has to offer, forever…but nothing lasts forever, unfortunately

We hope we rise above our troubled waters; and, also, when people think small and lowly of us

We hope bricks and irons do not fall on us while walking through a commercial or residential building, as we have seen and/or heard it happen to others

We hope we do not slump and die while walking

We hope that our parents raised us the right way

We hope we raise our children the right way

We hope our children love and obey us

We hope our children become successful and productive members of society

We hope our children bury us at our right age, not us burying them at an untimely age

We hope we live to see our children’s children

We hope the homeless kids on the streets find a better life, soon

We hope the homeless (or ‘street’) kids do not become objects and victims of the law

We hope lie detector and DNA tests are 100% accurate, so that our family and loved ones are not condemned for crimes they did not commit; and our enemies free, for crimes they did

We hope there is a foreseeable end to police brutality and discrimination

We hope the drivers next to us do not lose control of their vehicles and crash into ours

We hope those same drivers do not drink and drive, so they don’t run over our children and friends innocently standing or walking by

We hope the pastor/rev/bishop/prophet/evangelist considers the welfare of members of his/her church before he/she goes on multimillion/billion-dollar spending spree on private jets, mansions, cars, etc

We hope there is “one” God who keeps watch over us and rewards us for our deeds

We hope that those who have enough to eat can find it in their hearts to give to those who do not know where their next meal will come from

We hope our country/team wins the hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, baseball, football, or soccer tournament

We hope good triumphs over evil and, that we have the ability to separate the two!

We hope our disabilities and deformities don’t hinder us from thriving in life

We hope society and people accept us for who we are

We hope to wake up one day and realize that racism is gone for good

We hope we make a successful journey to and from Mars, one day

We hope the meteorologists give us an accurate forecast of the weather

We hope the oceanographer gives us an accurate projection of when the ocean would overflow into our dry lands, and the magnitude and severity of its coming of

We hope astronomers can continue to honestly guarantee us that asteroids, comets, supernovas, and all of the destructive forces in our Galaxy, will not obliterate us one day in the blink of an eye

We hope that citizens of our world would leave it better than or the same as they met it, not worse off.

We hope the earth does not open up its mouth wide- in anger for the destructions humans do to it- and swallow us all

We hope Mother Nature forgives us for the continued atrocities and desecrations we commit against her

We hope multinational corporations that have caused or are causing oil spills in underdeveloped regions (like the Niger Delta, in Nigeria), do not run away from their responsibilities

We hope these multinational corporations know and understand the ways of ‘KARMA’

We hope America stops being a hypocrite of its practices and policies- foreign and domestic

We hope Israel loves Palestine and vice versa; same hope with Iran-Israel and the U.S.

We hope non-African nations give Africa and her surviving children their due respect as peoples of a continent that is the mother of all civilizations known to man

We hope Africa forgives all nations for the EVILS they have done to her and her children

We hope the world sees Africans/blacks as a part of the human species

We hope there is an end to malnourishment, lack of clean water, and deaths from treatable sicknesses among children in Africa, as well as in other parts of the world

We hope for a significant reduction, now, and an end in sight to extreme poverty in Africa and other impoverished nations in continents across the world

We hope that the idea of Balance of Power (BOP) is impartially exercised

We hope our politicians/leaders do not make us and our children victims of their (bad) decisions

We hope our politicians realize that, after God, or what ever higher powers we may believe in, a major part of our future rests in their hands

We hope world leaders realize that the only security they have is God, and not their security apparatus; that their security aids are just as vulnerable as they are

We hope world leaders come out one day and tell the (honest) truth about UFOs

We hope nations stop using derogatory terms-‘illegals’ or ‘aliens’- to refer to immigrants

We hope nations that have illegally occupied other peoples’ lands are tolerant of ‘illegal’ immigrants entering theirs

We hope nations of the world genuinely uphold and respect the freedom of the press

We hope nations in the world stop the senseless killings

We hope that nations do unto other nations, what they wish those nations do unto them

We hope that “powerful” nations do not police and/or dictate the future and fate of other SOVEREIGN nations

We hope that the partiality of some nations to their “friends and allies”, and impartiality to others, does not breed a plethora of generational resentment towards the former

We hope these nations stop invading ‘less powerful nations’, at will, causing deaths and destructions upon their men, women and children

We hope these nations realize that until they start treating other “sovereign” nations with the same measuring stick that they use to treat their friends and allies, they will have little or no credibility; and world peace/respect will remain elusive.

We hope nations come to the aid of other nations in dire need, without hidden motives

We hope nations that deter other nations/people from possessing nuclear weapons, would get rid of “all” of theirs

We hope the core idea of global citizenship becomes manifest in all of our actions

We hope the exploited rise above the exploiters

We hope world peace is achieved one day, soon

We hope the NEW WORLD ORDER is only a myth

                                                            ***The Difference Theory***

When you think about it, the commonalities we share are much stronger and deeper than those (especially the man-made or socially constructed ones) that divide us. And these commonalities are 100% similar to those which we share and use to build our immediate family, ethnic, national, ideological, and racial structures. Disparities give us certain unfounded beliefs that
we are different; that we think and imagine differently and; that we hope differently. It is true that the trajectory and scope at which we hope or imagine things are different. But the bottom line, however, is that they are all geared towards the same end goals. When a natural disaster occurs, for example, it does not destroy lives and properties based on religion, race or region; it destroys us as a whole…as a family. Because in the mind of a natural disaster (whether it has a mind or not is a debate for another time), when it wants to strike, it sets out to strike and destroy this human species that we all belong to; not a black or white person, not a Chinese or an Indian, not an African or a Caribbean. So, when ignorance, the media, our leaders, and our “history” make us think we are different, even nature proves uswrong, time and time again.

We are where we are today in our world, because a group of people (priests, sociologists, philosophers, historians, Darwinians, etc) thought they had the perfect ideas and plans for what and how they wanted our world to be. Care to know the outcome of their plans and the predicaments they have brought upon us? Centuries of unresolved problems and uncertain times: times when environmental and climatic conditions are ever more severe and, most times, unexplainable to the ‘EXPERTS’; times when the implicit practice of racism (especially systemic and institutional) is at an all time high; times when we are beginning to see our foods, poisoned (with the recent discovery of mercury in a patty and salmonella virus in our eggs); times when people of the same sex are finding themselves more attracted to each other in unprecedented numbers, than to those of the opposite sex, without whom, there would have been neither you nor I, and, thus, depriving the coming into this world, those whom the creator have in wait- the unborn! (In addition to this, recent studies have
shown that rectal cancer is rapidly increasing among young and adult males. And note: I am not in any way opposed to same sex unions. I only fear for the end which I see); times when xenophobia among nations is broiling at fever pitch, and thereby given rise to an escalating clash of civilizations- America and the West= Christianity versus Islam= Arabs and Muslims; and times when it is no longer a matter of if, but of when nations will be at war and use those non-conventional weapons they have been aching to use for a long time. Phew! My friends, it is looking more and more certain that we will see a nuclear war in our life time that may bring the existence of man and the world to its end/extinction.

The ramifications emanating from the ideas and plans of the aforementioned people, it seems, have reached a 100% point of no return. This has, therefore, left a majority of us with the notion and conviction that, again, we really are different. We have been brainwashed, somehow, into believing that to achieve some of our (‘different’) objectives, we have to drop massive bombs on homes where women and little children are sleeping in peace, and turn them into pieces. Or blow up buildings where people are going about their normal lives, because we feel that ‘they’ do not come
from where we come from. You may even here some say, ‘those folks are not like us and they live far away from us; therefore, it is okay to commit (heinous) acts on them to achieve what we want’.

But have we even taken time out to study this 196, 920, 000.00 (One hundred ninety-six million nine hundred twenty thousand) square miles of land we call world/earth-- to get a grasp of how small it really is? When an earthquake struck in Ontario, Canada, in June, 2010, EVERYBODY had the same fear; EVERYBODY ran together- towards unknown destinations; and EVERYBODY held hands together to pray for Mother Nature’s mercy on us all. It is amazing that it only takes natural disasters to bind us together and reinforce the ever-true idea that we all are the same; with shared fears, dreams, and hopes. Should we then pray for a plethora of natural disasters to befall us, so that we become more united?

To have a conclusion on this article would be like putting an end to hope. I would, therefore, leave it open so there is always room to hope, even if not for our generation, at least for the generations after us. But I have an appeal, however: For those who may see the profound meaning and relevance in the idea and reality of hope, please save this article however best you can- maybe on a hard drive, or print it out and store somewhere safe. With the way our world is going, as already been stressed, we may not know when our abrupt and unfortunate end would come. Therefore, better than the worlds before ours, did, let us leave this article as one of the testaments to the fact that we once had and shared similar hopes for both ourselves and our world, for the new lives or aliens that may one day come to our planet- after we may have long been gone.

To paraphrase the words of a phenomenal musician, ASA: Peace, for the people who have gone; problems lie in wait, for the ones not yet born; war, destruction and HOPE, for the ones who are here.

I hope to be a leader of my time

I hope I can change the world in time and in my own little way

I hope perfection is not required of me to impact this change

I hope my hopes become a reality

What is your hope?

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