Home Remedy For Dandruff - How to Use the Right One

But my wife and kids love her, so I have to make do. Just once, though, I wish I could walk across my backyard without stepping in dog poop or finish a phone conversation without worrying about a canine chewing on my shoe. Since the kids, the dog, and my over-active bowels aren't going anywhere, it's good to know there are powerful disinfectants available. Lysol is America's air cleaner. Show me a bathroom without Lysol in the cabinet and I'll show you a scaled down version of New Jersey. Then there's OdoBan deodorizer and disinfectant. Wipe down a kitchen, bathroom, or play area with a bottle of this stuff and you can almost hear germs screaming in horror. Of course, my personal favorite is Clorox. There's just something reassuring about the cleaning power of something strong enough to turn blue towels white in a single wash.

Part of my affection for disinfectant cleaners is sentimental. I grew up with name brands like Clorox, Comet, Lysol, and Jim Beam. (I know Jim Beam isn't a disinfectant, but Dad used it almost as much as Mom used her cleaning supplies, so it only seems right to mention it.) I can still remember watching Mom scrub the floors, counters, and toilets with the help of these trusty household brands. All the while, Dad sat in the next room drinking his bourbon, slurring at the television, and vowing to kill the communists he was sure had framed Nixon. Aaaaaah... childhood memories (I almost get a tear in my eyes thinking about it).

Why settle for bath and body treatments that don't live up to their labels when you can make organic beauty products at home? Many commercial products say "organic" on the label, but upon closer examination may contain many non-organic ingredients. As an example, I recently checked out a bottle of lotion that features the word "organic" prominently in the name of the product. Upon closer examination, I learned that this particular lotion is really only 72% from organic sources. Misleading to say the least! This is very commonplace with many commercial skin care products.

Organic beauty products are not the same thing as natural products. Organic is a designation that means that the ingredients are grown using sustainable farming practices and without chemical pesticides or herbicides. Natural beauty products are made using natural ingredients such as fruits, oils, honey, etc. but these ingredients may or may not be from organic sources. If you are purchasing beauty products, make sure that they are labeled organic if you are concerned about the source of these products. If you have difficulties finding organic ingredients in your local stores, there are a number of reputable online suppliers to purchase organic ingredients from.



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