The best way to determine an unbiased price score was to get a quote for a single location and one pest infestation. This proved difficult as different companies operate across different states. We standardized our information by getting as many quotes as possible for a 2,500-square foot home in California since this was the most routine state the services operated in. Whenever a company didn’t work in California, we located a 2,500-square foot home in the region where the pest control service managed and got a quote for that home. If you are looking for a quality level service for a lower price, Exterminator Bug services is a great option. Our research found they offer lower prices than most home pest control services companies we contact in regards to a scenario. Though as we didn’t create additional scenes, this might not be reflected across the board of services, and it is hard to say just how competitive they are. It is best to get a range of quotes for the pest control service you want. Indeed emphasizes on fast response times. They strive to respond to all queries within 24 hours, and they were extremely fast in responding to our question. This means that their customer service isn’t as readily available as that offers 24-hour assistance. As it is a franchise, the standard of customer service could vary significantly between branches.

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