I sometimes wonder without illusion,how one will just accept an activity calling it his hobby.
A hobby should be an unconditional activity one likes,does it everytime and get a pertinent satisfaction wheneva he does that.
Hobbies are grouped into 2:
self-acquired hobby and non self-acquired hobby.
Is a loved,acquired and developed hobby.It needs one's enthusiasm and interest to acquire this.
Is a hobby gotten by one under the influence of others.One might get acquainted with a particular thing cos others like than.such as watching Horror movies.
Is quite awful and very excruciating than that a 27 year old man has no hobby.Hobby is meant to be acquired during one's youth cos after that time he might not ve that opportunity to enjoy it as he should do in youth.
Pals,do have a hobby,get one now cos that develops one's talent.

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Eberechukwu Ik.

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