Historical development of Nigerian Constitution: Apparently, the geographical entity called Nigeria is a British imperial creation. Originally, there was no territory called Nigeria, but by treaties, conquest and sufferance, the British acquired control over the different territories which make up Nigeria today. These territories can be divided into 3 main groups namely:

Lagos and the neighboring Yoruba land I.e the Bight of Benin.

The Lower Niger Basin and Surrounding territories known as Bright of Biafra or the Oil Rivers.

The Northern kingdom or Emirate and the neighboring middle belt territories.

In this article, i will trace the development of the constitution of Nigeria from 1914 (the first constitution of Nigeria by Lord Lugard) till 1963 (republican constitution). As a citizen of Nigeria, anything that has to do with the constitution of Nigeria should be your concern because the constitution is the supreme law of the land. Thus, it is very important to know how the constitution of this country has developed from 1914 till the current 1999 constitution. I enjoin you to read this article till the end. Trust me; you will learn a lot from this content.

Nigerian Constitutional development

The 1914 Constitution or Lugard's constitution

The 1922 Constitution or Clifford's constitution

The 1946 Constitution or Arthur Richard's Constitution

The 1951 Constitution or Macpherson Constitution

The 1954 Constitution or Lyttleton's constitution

The 1960 Independence Constitution

The 1963 Republican Constitution

Okay! Above are the constitutions that I will be discussing extensively in this article. To read detailed information about the constitutions mentioned above and their features, join me as I buttress on them one after the other. Here we go!

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