The rate at which marriages fail in this country is very alarming.  What are the possible reasons for this?

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It is due to lack of understanding, insincerity, non-tolerance and indiscipline on the part of the Head of that house that lead to Divorce. Marriage is Like a University, where if you don't properly discipline yourself, you will never graduate. Most terrible mistake couples make is Taking their marriage problems out of the boundary of their household. The book of Books clearly makes it Clear. "... For this, a man must leave his parents and Cleave to his wife..." No matter what the problem or issue or how bizarre it is, IT should REMAIN BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR WIFE. Not even your parents can be the best of advisers when it comes to this issue because everyday in it (Marriage) is a learning process and don't be afraid of making mistake cos they are bond to come, but be quick to realize and make amendments your self. All we need for effective marriage life is our attitude towards it. No marriage councilor, priest or bishop, can make it work if "BOTH CANNOT CORRECT IT". Remember, the new person you want to meet after divorcing, also have their own associated problem. Sorry to borrow this saying from 2pac "H*** is H***". Face it or leave it, it is the Stake reality. So Before you go into it, you must Pray, Plan and Protect it.

"Begin today to be what you want to be tomorrow". - St. Jerome.
It is not a matter of tribe or religion or nationality, Its just our attitude toward Marriage and Marital Affair.
Because,today's men/women consider the contianer more than the content
Comrade,I partially agree with you,it is not a matter of nationality but our attutide towards marriage.But it is a matter of religion.Some beliefs are rightly awkward for marrige to succeed in its midst.Lets be sincere to ourselves.
The Bible asks "what can the righteous do if foundation is destroyed?" Upon who are we laying ouor marital foundation? Today,we have ceased to give piorty to relevance but to irrelevance.Most men and women have seen a partner suitable for them but after physical analysis,they decided to dump the fellow.Thereby making choice of a wrong person that can in no way be a help meet.

Again,many married persons today are carrying curses upon their head from a man or woman they once dated .The issue about curse can never be under rated,it affects in every area of our lives.So ,lets try to live our lives beyond
accusations and guilt.

Attitude is another key word,how do you expect a girl who seats in the parlor watching tv and seeing movie to make a good home?Such person was brought up knowing not how to cook,talk to elderly ones,wash and sweep.They are mostly the ones who easily have inter-tribal or national marriage,by the time they get there,the so called mother inlaw laments in attempt to correct such nasty behaviour;here she packs and goes back to her parents because she feels her mother inlaw and her husband hate her since no one in her own family has ever corrected her before.
Our parents should not be blamed most of the time for our own very failures in life. Those bad habits must have been shown in the course of courtship and cohabiting. And don't forget that Marriage is a correctional life that must be admitted by both parties involved. In it, we must learn to respect and "LOVE" each other, and the right attitude, learn to tolerate alot. What women really need is sincerity, understanding and tolerance, If a man have this, He will definately be "loved" by most women. There is this book, all married and intending to marry should actually find time to read "Woman Infidelity" by Michelle Langley.
Like I said, RELIGION ETHNICITY and WEALTH are not and should not be used as basis for entering marriages.

Like I also said, marriage is Praying about It., Planning towards it, and Protecting it from "OUTSIDERS including partners family members" cos when it go sour, they all will be the first to laugh at both of you.
If you look at the level of life nowadays, I personally think CORRUPTION is the main reason, corruption in the sense of, too much exposure of life, educational wise, high taste of life, imagination of life living. For me corruption does not only mean stealing, dubious mind or even killing. The particle of corruption leads to marriage breaking; we must understand this first before looking for solutions.
But to solve this, I think UNDERSTANDING must be the main KEY because I strongly believed that understanding leads to trust, love and caring. Now, how do we tackle this word called understanding? For me, try and be SUBMISSIVE in most issues particularly the MEN because men are always seen as LEADERS. Again, WOMEN must play that role LOVE very ACTIVE because women are meant to love men most.

Mis Understanding can cause it 

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