Because,today's men and women consider the container more than the content.

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i think high level of independence in has made some women to relegate their roles as housewives and motherhood to the background. it also about some men being too traditional, also being scared of their too independent wives.

who said that it can't be balanced. it is all about understanding, it all about compromise, it is all support, it is all about mutual respect, it all about having being each other's friend.
I don't agree that men are responsible for most of the divorce cases as are seen today. A lot of women today see marriage as bondage hence they opt out a little after they have opted in becaue they want to be free. Poor parental upbringing is another. Some of our parents especially mothers have in their quest for materialism, failed to teach their daughters the simple ethics in home-keeping and so these ladies get married without knowing their duties in their homes. This can lead to divorce becasue most men cannot take it. These days too some people marry for wealth and not for love. A man marries a working class lady becasue he feels she has a lot of money and when he does not get that money, he opts out of the union. women are also not left out. Some get hooked to a man not out of genuine love for the man but for his wealth. A marriage that will last for a life time must be solidly built on true love, understanding, sincerety, endurance and sacrifice. Any marriage that lacks these basic ingridients is heading to the rocks.


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