Help!!! My Wife Doesn't Appreciate House-keeping Allowance Of 50k - Man Cries Out

A married man in Nigeria has cried out on social media  over his wife attitude  towards money.

According to the man who hid identity from the public domain, his wife has been complaining bitterly over 50 thousand naira monthly allowance he gives her.

The husband disclosing the issue wrote "  got married since 2019, and by the grace of God, my family is been blessed with a handsome baby boy, who's about 1-and-half years now, I also live with my wife's nephew, a boy of 9 years now.

For the past 2 years I haven't enjoyed the marriage, even though I do my best to make it work. I give my wife 50k every month for food items only. Light bill, LAWMA bill, security bill, filling of our 6 kg cylinder is not included in that 50k, I take care of all those ones whenever it's due to pay for them. I also buy bags of rice once it finished, it's also not included in the 50k

The issue here is that before 18th of every month she will start demanding for extra money, I pleaded with her to manage it because I just started business last year January 2021, and the business have not gain a strong stand, and I take out 50k there to feed the family monthly.

She also working - a good work for that matter, and I give her 1k everyday for transport.

This morning been Sunday 20th March, she demanded for another money, then I asked her what happened to the 50k I gave her on the 1st of this month, she started saying a whole lot of rubbish with her mouth, that I should go to the market myself and see how costly things are. That any time I transfer that 50k to her account, that she will transfer it back to my account.

I called her “my sweet wife, why can't you be appreciative to God that your husband gives you 50k every month? That there are other women out there suffering for what she and the children will eat, hawking under the hot sun everyday”.

Sorry for the long epistle.
Please advise me, In which area have I offended my wife, which made her to treat my little earning that way?

Today I am a high-blood-pressure patient. Taking drugs every morning and night. Please advice me, what will I do again to keep my family going."

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She can also support by adding money to the 50k nau


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