'Help! My banker neighbour's wife is having extramarital affairs with bike man that takes her kids to school'

A netizen while sharing his experience with his neighbour's wife, said he caught the latter having extramarital affairs with the bike man that usually take her children to school.


Sharing his story on Nairaland, he wrote;

"There's this woman in my neighbourhood who has been having an extramarital affairs with the bike man that normally use to come and pick her children to school in the morning, she has two kids, a boy and a girl, but her cheating spree is out of this world...

"Her husband is a nice person and works in one of the big bank in the country on the Island, due to his nature of his job, he leaves for work early and return very late...

"This crazy woman has been using this to hit her children's bike man on several occasion, there was this day I was at home working on my laptop early in the morning, the window of her bedroom shares the same as mine only a fence blocking us apart, I kept hearing heavy moany and repeated thrust sound coming from the bedroom.

"This man in question is a cool headed gentleman, easy going in the estate and doesn't deserve this kind of trouble and heart wenching action the woman is taking him through, I don't pray he finds out and I need help on how to tell the woman to stop doing this and at the same time I don't want their marriage to crash.

"After knacking, this woman goes to her shop and pretends as if nothing happens."


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