'Help! I'm deeply in love with a married woman with three children'

A Nigerian graduate in his tweenties has said he is crushing on a married woman with three grown up children.

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According to him, he do not intend snatching the woman from her husband but just want to have a romantic relationship with her.

The challenge, according to him, is how to handle this "predicament" before him.

Read his post as seen on Nairaland;

"I need help with my predicament. I just discovered a lounge where I normally hang out to watch sports and chill. Apparently, the lounge also has a Spa that is managed by this beautiful married lady who is a mother of 3 children that are in University and one in final year of secondary school. I started crushing on this woman for some time now and I can't seem to take my mind of her. She is a tall, dark stallion with nice hips, ass and a very sweet voice.

"We got talking the moment I went to her Spa to make some inquiries about her spa services and whether she runs home service as well. Along the line, she gave me her contact details and we have been chatting frequently. The thing is that I am madly in love with her but I don't know how to express my feelings and desires towards her.

"I don't intend snatching her from her husband but I just want to have a romantic relationship with her but don't know how I will go about it.

"I am a graduate in my mid 20s from Leed City University Ibadan with a degree in Engineering. I don't usually have issues in getting women but this has posed much of a challenge to me because I am deeply in love with a married woman.

"Thoughts of her sometimes drives me to masturbation and it's driving me nuts. Please I need help on this matter."

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