Health education and social facts to note about covid-19

Covid -19 or corona virus as you may have heard, has raised controversial debates and has turned out a greater part of our daily conversations lately. While corona virus is real, people still conceive the notion that the pandemic is political plot and is likely an attempt to disrupt the world’s peace, reduce the economic power of the world largest economic giants, health, and cut down the world’s fast growing population judging from China where the virus first broke out. What we must fail to do however, is to educate ourselves on measure to mitigate the spread.

Prejudice is sure to exist in situations like this but there are facts that remain inevitable whether or not covid-19 is political. These facts are health education oriented on what the corona virus situation is like globally, how close it is to your location, what you should do, when you should do it and how fast you have to do it.

The quick health education facts to note about corona virus

Corona virus is real and it kills

I still do not want to believe that some people doubt the existence of corona virus; the idea that it is a plot by government to siphon public funds to their coffers has beclouded their sense of judgment. Whatever you think, corona virus is real and it kills to.  

125k victims from January to March 2020

Over a total of one hundred and twenty five thousand casualties of corona virus have been recorded on across the globe from January 22nd to March 10th and still counting. The western world seems to have most of the casualties excluding China and Italy. Nations have already enacted travel bans to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

Eight cases only reported in Nigeria

Over eight cases of corona virus have been reported in Nigeria so far; the same could be said about most African countries. Travel bans have been enacted; while schools and the NYSC orientation camps all over Nigeria have been shut down as control measures against corona spread.

Social distancing is inevitable, experts say

Social distancing as experts say have said, is the best measure to take to curtail the spread of pandemics like corona virus. It has been advised that people keep away from public gathering. Even though it’s going to bring people against themselves, they will become friends again as soon the pandemic is down.

Business opportunities will emerge from corona virus outbreak

Sensitive minds are already taking out time to fish out the business areas to peg on the pandemic.  Producers of nose masks, body masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants etc. will stop at nothing to produce as much as the world needs right now. That’s even on a lighter note because micro biologists are at it to hit the world with innovations of possible cure for corona virus.

Education is very important to help guide the society on what to do to be safe. Group sensitization, media advertisement and related measures are some of the many ways people could be taught about this pandemic and how to be safe.

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