From the look of things now it has come to a point to notify the situation of our citizens here in china,all gratitude to the association of the Nigerian community in china,whom has been facing the problem to help the citizen.the time of crisis in china was even better than these time,where the high rate of sickness and death has increased.the medical attention towards our citizens are low to write about,where one has to spend the last drop before medical cares can be applied.these also sound as a warning to the public and nigerian living and coming for business transaction in china.
           It has come to records that many Nigerians are now in Chinese funeral homes,where some has been there for months and years,due to process to take them back home,and monetary issues.the president of the nigerian community has been on the position to fight the government to put us in our rightful shape as the month of may 2010,a relation of the ambassador came for business transaction in china,but due to poor attention to our citizens,she died and after that no good attention was even given to her and the community,even as she is related to the chief of mission in china.
        the increase in infection disease and sudden death has been noted high from Nigerians.some are in funeral home due to their people at home has no money to bring their corpses home,but instead their body goes for cremation which is never our traditions,the process of traveling the sick  citizen back to Nigeria when there are still better than death are also hard to process.So what next can we do to save our citizen life good here in china,this is the question the president Ojukwu Emma is asking the public to be careful on their health matters.Let the nigerian be so careful on the kind of life they live and be sex protected,most of the sickness are contracted from sexual intercourse,as reported by the is high time we let some of our nigerian brothers to be scared from the kind of people they see here in china.

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