Co-working space is now the in-thing for young entrepreneurs particularly us, Freelancers..

The need to have unlimited access to the internet without breakage, and the fact that I can save money running the generator and do away with the irregularities of PHCN here in Nigeria.

Anyway, I decided to work in a co-working space in Lekki, the heartbeat of Lagos.  You would be surprised how many co-working spaces exist only on the Island.

I choose Workcity, and there are a lot of reasons why.  I'm going to mention just a few.

1. Location: Workcity location is very accessible. Located along Lekki Phase one roadside, Maruwa to be precise. You won't miss it. Their flag waving at you, saying come in. there is big signage there at Maruwa bus stop. You don't need to walk far.


2. Amazing community: So I paid for a day, which is around 4,300 VAT included. on getting to the shared desk, one could feel a welcoming environment as everyone seems to know each other, the smiles and the laughter made me understand that networking is going to be very easy. And it really was.

3. Food: They do have a kitchen but you have to bring your own food. At noon, my stomach was already giving me the signal. As I took my phone to place an order from chicken republic, then came one of the community members asking if anyone wants to place an order, of course, I indicated and this saved me N250 which could have gone for delivery only ... 

4. internet speed: I don't know who their internet provider is but mehn it is fast. I downloaded a file of 15GB in just mins.. respect.

Like I said I will only mention a few ... who else has experienced Workcity?

What was your take?

You can check out their plans

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