DCD means Double Cent Donors. It was launched in December, 2016 and has remained standing where those that even came after have died. I am one of those that believe that all these DONATION programs dont work/last.But DCD has proved me wrong. I joined because the person that introduced it to me knows one of the 2 people that established it. I first put 40000 and was surprised when i was paid 80000 after 15 days. Since then, within 3 months that i joined till now, i have achieved what i was not able to achieve within the last 2 years that i have been doing online investment. I even operate many accounts and i get paid every 2 days.
When you donate 5k or 10k or 20k or 40k or 80k or 160k or 320k or 640k or 1280000 as convenient for you, you will be paid double after 15 days. No delays. No waiting. See some of the screenshoot of my credit on 2 of my accounts.
I am living in Osogbo, Osun state. If you live around Osun state, call me on 08036858959 and come and see me in my Civil Defence office, Oke Ayepe, osogbo. You will even meet some of my colleagues that are already smilling to the bank too. I am not writing this to earn referral bonus. That is why i will not put my referral link here. I am just happy with this platform that has given me voice, even before my superiors.

If my story is not boring to you and you wish to key in and be receiving what looks like salary every 15 days, join here: doublecentdonors.com/register. If you have any question, call me on 08036858959.

Also, there is a whatsapp group where many of us that are benefiting from DCD interact, you came reach me to be added to the group too. You will see people's testimonies about DCD.

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