The Management of Whomp Int`l Centre For Alternative Therapy Wish to Thanks Our Numerous Clients within and Outside Nigeria Season's greetings with all good wishes for the Xmas &New Year

 Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year

Warm thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy Xmas &New Year

 One of the greatest joys of this season is the opportunity to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE and to wish you the very best for the Xmas &New Year

May all the joys with Sound health  of this Holiday Season be yours throughout the New Year

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

In our desiring to promote the well-being of humanity,our profile has rising beyond the coast of the continent as a leading  Herbal Firm with excellent creative contribution in community transformation on health sustainability.
The secret is not far fetched,we ally with highly experienced skilled  staff,our performance is just as a results of our skill acquisition but our intellectual uniqueness.

We creatively related with our clients to bringing the much needed products and service close to their door step.

Whomp Int`l Centre for Alternative Therapy, a registered Herbal Company. Our Products have safe guards lives,improve good health &well-being. Our products limits devastating effect of diseases and affliction. We have health packs for the infertility and Erectile dysfunction. A trial will surely convince you.  .  .  .  Give a trial today.  .

Our Products

Spermo-Vite formuale™:A unique and A newly re-brand Herbal therapy supplement contains essential sperm production and it is good for boosting. It increase from 0-10 Millions Cell & motility and Morphology to above 65%. It good for for patients with Olisgospermia(Low Sperm Count)Necrospermia(Watery Sperm)Azoospermia(Zero Sperm Count)No side effect. The results is guarantee within 64 days.

Dekah Herbal:A newly discovered herbal medicine that boost immune system and fight bacteria infection. It good for treatment Syphilis,Hepatitis ,Staph Aureus. Any related symptoms like itching in private parts blood stooling, Rashes,Worms like movement and hotness of body.

De-Bull Herbal plus:A blended herbal medicine to restore erection and make a man satisfy his wife miraculously. It good for sexual weakness,premature ejaculation,lack of sexual urge. it is a complete sex restorer. No side effects.

Tee&Tee herbal formulae. Herbal tonic for metabolic waste material stimulation of liver. It good for Pile, Haemorrhoid, Gastric & Stomach Dis-counfort. It is good for a woman irregular menstrual period.
At Whomp Int`l Herbs Therapy,No diseases is resistant,no want need to die untimely from any diseases,No one should live on drugs for longer than Three Months.

We have redefined Medicine,and have made of it an art of human face. We understand disease better and Our evidence based Medicine has made us the clear leader in the field of Natural Medicine World wide.
You can order for our products online 24hours delivery in Nigeria and 3days delivery in oversea without any delay. How service is available any where in Nigeria.
Our office, Abuja,Ph,Lagos and London. Home and office delivery any where in Nigeria

Whomp Int`l, a center of excellence and the best sure in herbal therapy.  You have to take a bold step today and give us a call. The efficacy of our products is guarantee. A certified and tested herbal products you can trust for good health and general well-beings.

We all came from nature.  We live with nature.  Nobody can survive without nature. When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost but when life is lost, everything is lost.  Health is wealth.

Whomp  Int`L Centre Alternative Therapy
                 Head Office

28 Ivienagor street, Off Aina Ojodu Berger Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Hot lines:+2348034152029, 081-29047516 or 080-58563316
E-mail:drwhomp2004@yahoo.  com

hxxp: whompherbs. webs. com

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