The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is an independent body. It is saddled with responsibility of company incorporation, registration of business names, NGOs etc.

Getting a registration done with the Commission is not difficult. Although, the assistance of a lawyer is advised. For example, below is a short guide to getting your company incorporated.

Company Incorporation

The initial step to company registration is getting the name of your company registered with the corporate affairs commission. The commission will help you check if the name is available. Submission of two names for your business is advised, just in case one has already been taken, the other will be available.

Next is the preparation of the Memorandum of Association. The involvement of a legal practitioner will be of great help. He/she is the best qualified person that can help in preparing your MOA (Memorandum Of Association) and other necessary documents.

Thereafter, there is a form you are required to fill by the CAC. In this form, you will mention all important details about your company and submit it again to the commission.

Also, before an applicant can get his/her Memorandum and Articles of Association with some of the incorporation forms stamped, he must make payment through a designated bank into the Federal Inland Revenue Services.

Lastly, prepare the scanned copy of your documents. These documents may include: Form CAC1.1,

MAA (Memorandum and Articles of Association), Identification forms of subscriber(s)/Director(s) and shareholder(s) recognized by CAC, Evidence of payments made to the corporate affairs commission.


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