A ahead of President Goodluck Jonathan’s imminent formal declaration of his ambition for the 2011 presidential race, a group, Nigerian Youth Initiative for Goodluck has said it was mobilizing youths across the country for a 5 million_man match on Abuja, the nation’s capital to make his declaration thick.

The spokesman of the group of professional Nigerian youth, Prince Ikechukwu Ezeji, said his organization’s objective was to drum up support for the president to enable him record landslide victory at the presidential polls in the January 2011polls.

“We decided at our just concluded seventh National working Committee meeting held in Abuja to take a position on the forth coming general election in Nigeria and agreed to support the candidature of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“President Goodluck Jonathan can be describe as a new leader with new vision for Nigeria adding that as front line Politician of high repute, he will bring in new strategies for the development of the country” he said in Abuja, yesterday.

Prince Ezeji added, “we are convinced that the older generation has failed the nation and we cannot continue to leave our collective destiny in their hands.

“We are equally convinced that with Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in the saddle, this nation will achieve the goals of becoming a prosperous nation that can once again stand to be counted in the comity of nation. 

He has the necessary exposure, intelligence and drive to lead our nation from her current economic woes.  That is why we are mobilizing support for him”.

He pleaded to other aspirants especially former Military Presidents to borrow a leaf from their retired colleagues and retire to farming and other human

On the forth coming registration of voters, he urged the Independent National Electoral Commission to
guide against double registration and other electoral frauds by desperate politicians.

He hinted that many dubious politicians are mapping out plans to subvert the good intentions of Prof. Jega led INEC during and after the registration of voters but that all efforts must be made to stop them.
Prince Ezeji urged that Nigeria will be worse for it if INEC fails to conduct a credible election next year and therefore appealed to politicians not to see it as a do or die affair.

He commended the EFCC for its resolve to stop all corrupt governors and other political office holders both serving and retired, from taking part in next year general election.

The spokesman urged the President to campaign vigorously in all nooks and crannies of the country and should not take anything for granted.

Prince Ezeji also disclosed that after the Five Million March later this month, his organization will tour the six geo_political zones in the country next month immediately after the independence celebrations.

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there they go again(i mean without me o) no matter how good candy is if it is glace with dirt will you still take it or if it is coming from the gutter? from the days of Abacha million march, now another million march.well, questions to ponder on.1 since when has this group been in operation, 2. what has the group done for the Nigerian youth, 3. who are at the helm of affairs and how old are they, 4 is Jonathan's issue the most important ever in the chaotic ridden country called Nigeria deserving of a march, isn't the timing suspect, should EFCC not begin to look into the activities of some of this opportunistic hungry groups. i have no issues with the Man Jonathan he is candy but things that are happening around him spells doom we have not yet broken off from our old ways and unless that is done no meaningful thing can be achieved in this country. i will be interested in seeing all presidential aspirants engage one another in a public debate lets gauge their intellectual acumen and how practical and humane their visions and objectives for the masses of Nigeria are.
Aliyu Adekunle stated, and I quote, "He commended the EFCC for its resolve to stop all corrupt governors and other political office holders both serving and retired, from taking part in next year general election."

My question to him and others who believe this is the case, is, how thorough is this ban on corrupt office holders, both past and present? Why is the name Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida on the ballot? Why has he not been prosecuted for corruption? Is he not one of the so-called leaders who looted the Nigerian treasury? Did he and his "hangers-on" not steal billions in Nigeria's oil money?

I had the misfortune of learning about his evil deals from a Malian that I came in contact with in a hotel lobby in Toulouse, France. And, what good is it to prosecute some miserable "gofors" while allowing the "kingpin" to galivant around town, plotting to return to empty the national coffers of what little he left behind when he was kicked out of office?

Be serious, EFCC!! You cannot prosecute some and allow others to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth. You will lose all credibilty if you did. You are here to serve ALL Nigerians, not a few insatiable thieves! They must all face the consequences of their unpatriotic actions. Here are some of the names of those you must prosecute: 1. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida 2. Olusegun Obasanjo 3. Atiku Abubakar 4. Orji Uzo Kalu.


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