Groundnut Oil Production Business Plan in Nigeria

Groundnut oil is a very essential product in Nigeria. Every home has a need for groundnut oil either for cooking stew, frying, baking or wiping surfaces. Groundnut oil is used for most food in Nigeria even roadside small chops. The federal government has placed a ban on the importation of groundnut oil and this has created an opportunity for local production. Groundnut oil is in high demand.

Groundnut oil is one of the most valuable legumes of Nigeria with 25% protein and 45% oil. It is mostly found in the subtropical and semi-arid regions around the world. They are a good source of protein and vitamins. It mostly grow in country with warm climates.

Nigeria is among the first five countries producing groundnut and has the largest production in West Africa. Groundnut has high demand all around the countries. It can be used for preparing Africa dishes like groundnut soup, which can be used in eating rice. It can also be used in preparation of butter, groundnut oil, peanut oil and can be eaten naturally.

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