Have you wondered why our politicians: Law makers, Governors even the president neglect the masses and pursue personal agenda?  One of the reasons is greed.  95% of Nigerian politicians are very greedy and that is why they loot our treasury to satisfy themselves and leave wealth for their generations unborn.  Another is God fatherism.  A lot of them have a commitments to their elections sponsors and so they are desprate to get as much as they can at all costs in order  not  to betray their agreement with their God fathers.  Until this two evil elements are wiped away completely from our politics, it will still be a system of the more you look the less you see.

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Greed in its prophetic meaning is permanent slavery. Meaning; they are enslaving themselves with a lose touch of realities. Their hereafter built are capital choices for a blazing hell fire. There are portion for everything, except minds.
yes same old story but we can resolve to make a change if we hold them accountable for their failures.
I dont know what to call it. I mean this greed of our political leaders. Take a look at Our previous minister of justice being involve in a fund mismanagement scandal and this is the person we look upon for justice. We are doomed


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