who are the greatest historic black leaders in the world?

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Please u have to tell us...
Great black world leaders,are leaders wit intergrity,men of honour,pple wit high sense of comitment.which unfortunity we nig we dnt ve i mean pple lik martin luther king jr,Nelson mandela,Jesse jackson.

Great leaders have at one time or the other emerged from the African continent.  Think of Hellie Selessor of Ethopia, Kwame Nkruma of Ghana, Zik of Africa, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and much more. 

we hv great great black leader in d world.. Matern jrn,Nelson Mandala,Barak Obama etc
when we talk about great leaders one thing that should come to our mind is , leaders with foresight, vision, leaders that added value to the state , leaders that fought tirelessly to liberate their people from colonialism , leaders not rulers, servants not masters, leader that served their countries for years yet did not siphon their country money to foreign country , leaders that did not even own a flat, talk less of duplex. In African we have leaders like Abubakar tafawabalawa , chief Awo, Zik of African, Kenneth kwuda of Zambia, kwame nkuruma of Ghana, Nelson Mandala of south /A, emperor helisilasia of Ethiopian. these leaders left an indelible foot mark in the political history of their countries, we did not know them for the amount of money they have in the bank abroad, but for how , they impacted positively in the life of their people and countries.


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