Nigerians should seriously consider re-electing the following Governors on grounds of their current development strides in their States.

  1. Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos State
  2. Sullivan Iheanacho Chime of Enugu State
  3. Godswill Asuquo Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State
  4. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

In the last four years, these governors have shown with physical, social and infrastructural development they have carried out that development is possible in Nigeria.  Eight years before these men came to power, only one State Governor, Donald Effiom Duke of Cross River State showed proof that development is possible. 


These governors have build roads, pipe borne water and created new cities and beautified their State capitals and other cities making them not just habitable but conducive for human habitation and inviting to tourism, and improvement of the human life.  They have empowered the people.


Governor Akpabio is building the whole of Akwa Ibom into one great city by connecting the whole state with good quality roads and other infrastructure.  In the words of one of his Special Assistant, the government of Akwa Ibom State is angrily developing the State.  They are angrily doing so in response to the many years of neglect, especially since the advent of democracy.  Governor Akpabio has renovated primary and secondary schools that they are now centers of learning.  Enrollment in public schools in Akwa Ibom State has risen astronomically and teachers are happy to do their calling as opposed to pig sty that existed as primary and secondary schools before his administration came on board.


Eight years before Sullivan Chime, Enugu was only heard about on radio and television.  Now, Enugu is such a beautiful city and developed in such away to befit a regional capital of world standards with good quality roads, street lights.  It is so beautiful to be in Enugu.  It is unbelievable that that much development can occur in a city defrauded for eight years of democracy in this republic.


Port Harcourt City, the garden city in the eight years before Governor Amaechi, was turned into a slum with hybrid criminality in the name of militancy and political thuggery.  In four years time Govenror Amaechi has brought physical and social reengineering of Rivers State, building roads, schools and hospitals and renovating existing ones so that primary schools now look better than universities in Abia State.


Before Governor Fashola came on board, we were inundated by the fact that it is not possible to develop Lagos.  Everywhere in Lagos turned into a slum with ten year old green algae water in the drainages filled up and flowing into peoples' homes and making them sick.  No roads could be built before Fashola because the authorities decided that it is not possible.  Fashola has turned all these around constructing hundreds of kilometers of dual carriage ways.  We now know, thanks to Governor Fashola that Lagos could be developed.


If you think another state governor has done anything in the last four years that may warrant their reelection, speak up with what development efforts they have demonstrated.

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