My dear people,


With d recent happenings n Nigeria and wt d way GJ has been clamouring for happenings for us n d western world, I know its a matter of time, by the time he can fulfil some basic needs of Nigerians, he might declare his intentions to run n 2011, to finish up what he has started.


Who would u vote for GJ or IBB?


I wl still go for GJ my reasons: (1) he's younger (2) he's educated (3) he has d country's interest at heart (4) he listens to the voice of d people and many more


No to IBB


my reasons (1) he's wicked (2) he's too old (3) he does not like Nigeria and neither does he care about her citizens and much more


over to U!

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yes i agree with you, you are very very right infact we are just waiting GJ to say it out that he is ready for 2011 even if he don't the IBB of a thing is just wasting his time and money for the last time he will not see ASO ROCK again


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