Goodluck Jonathan assumes office as acting president at last

"The circumstances in which I find myself assuming office today as
acting president of our country are uncommon, sober and reflective,)

In a sober and reflective mood the Acting President Goodluck Jonathan addressed the nation.Honestly i felt like crying in what that is not worth crying on a nomal day.Even though everybody in Nigeria including the Diaspora like us ,are praying everyday for the speedy recovery of the President ,we should also bear in mind that Nigeria should not be allowed to collapse.
In as mush as i congratulate the Acting President, i will never forget to tell him that, there is a lot to be done, now that he has assumed his official duty as the Acting president of Nigeria.
Nigerians will be praying for you but please do not let the teaming Nigerians down as much will be espected from you onward.

                                                  OKATTA WRITES FROM DIASPORA

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