Due to the ever-increasing number of music producers, artists, and songwriters, the Nigerian music industry has grown and has been exploring different musical sounds. But the imbalance between music beats and lyrics has drawn notice.
For any song to be considered a good song, it must have both good sound and meaningful lyrics. But looking at the songs we vibe to nowadays, some have a very nice sound courtesy of the producer but the artist fails to deliver good or even meaningful lyrics. The same thing goes for other artists who have meaningful lyrics but lack good sound. Surprisingly, many Nigerian music lovers still vibe to these songs despite the imbalance. It seems more like some just vibe to the beat and damns the lyrics. And there are those who regard meaningful lyrics and don’t exactly catch the “good beat” vibes. This brings us to the question of the day, between good sound and good lyrics, which does it for you? A good dancehall sound often helps dance away sorrow temporarily while good lyrics can heal the sorrow. But people’s preferences differ. We would like to know yours. Is it the meaningful lyrics that get you Or it’s the sound

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Hi, I personally prefer good lyrics for my projects. It seems to me that such music is great for background accompaniment, although sometimes some people also perceive good sound well. All individually. I can recommend free music here https://www.melodyloops.com/music/.

In my opinion, these two concepts are not separable

Because an interesting combination and unique sound make music the best among many pieces. That's why I always use background music search on TakeTones https://taketones.com/search and here I find cool tracks

Each person experienced the emotional power of music, which sometimes literally takes us by the soul.

We can come to a state of euphoria from drive music in some rock club, and listening to a romantic ballad, to survive the deep longing of unrequited love ...

Music expresses our emotions much more powerfully than words are able to express.

Music seems to be at the heart of our relationship with the world, and there is a deep sense that by going through our heart strings, it helps us to establish emotional contact with other people and with everything in general.
I like listening to music, too. I use YouTube. Some tracks I save for myself with youtube to mp3 converter https://2conv.com/en54/youtube-mp3/ 
This music creates my mood


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