Lack of good parental training have birthed more problems and challenges that we stand to face from the time of antiquity to this present modernised society.

Parents are saddle with the responsibility of teaching their children moral rectitude, and also equip them with moral upbringing that will aid in impacting their lives positively.

Parental training is a pedagogy that defines what a child would become tomorrow. While a child grows, they emulate what ever their parents are doing while growing up either directly or indirectly. As we all know parents are the first teacher to a child. The roles of parents in a child's life is a vital position that should not be taken with negligence because, the child will only become a reflection of what is taught today.

Even as most people have it that, peer group contributes and have a long way in the character formation of a child, good parental training still supersedes every other group. Peer group influences are temporary, but parents impact through good disciplines are permanent. If a child who comes from a good acclaimed background goes to institution and joins secret confraternity, the blame should be on the parents because it is a parental responsibility to inculcate good conduct and behavior in their ward with the ability to know good cycle of friends to hang around with.

However, most parents have failed to lecture their children with principles that will nurture them in becoming a good people. While some parents are mentoring their children with bad conducts about life, some have choicest business and work over their children in the sense that, they don't create time to know about the personal life of their children. All these lack of good parental training have contributed and augmented to societal menace, vices and issues confronting us today.

The failure of good parental training can be well-defined with the tale of the most notorious and deadly armed robbers in the history of Nigeria.

For instance, Shina Rambo is the notorious killer that can never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria terrorism. He operated in the 1900s, he was unsurmountable, unstoppable and invisible. He killed security officers like Christmas chickens. He was the talk of the town then.

Shina Rambo was inspired to be a brutal criminal by the influence of his military father who used his military power to steal from innocent souls and brings home large money stained with human bloods. This money attracted the little Shina, and he always pondered how his father got money stained with bloods.

“I remember when I was about 7 years old, my father came home with a lot of money, foreign currencies with blood on it. He was using something like woman's scarf to clean the blood,” said Shina.

At a tender age of 7, Shina was gradually emulating his father's smoking and drinking habit. His father would sit in his front to dismantle and assemble different kinds of ammunition. At no time, little Shina was able to arrange and load a gun very fast. As time unfurls, he acquired spiritual powers beyond normalcy and operated as a terrorist that killed innumerable souls.

Currently, so many parents are on the same table with Shina Rambo's father. Most parents have even turned professors that encourage and empower their children with motivation to keep on the bad works. Many parents can't give account of their children attitudes.

Sadly, the aftermath of lack of good parental training are giving birth to thug, corruption, armed robber, bad government and so on. Which is disturbing our world today.

Here is the advice, parents give your children a good moral upbringing void of bad character and bad influence to avoid product of disgrace to the society and to save our generation from high cases of bad government, corruption, thief and hire killers. Be that good parent that your children will be proud of at the end. Moral rectitude in a child's life pays a lot. A word is enough for the wise!

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Yes, I agree and really nice post about Nigeria terrorism, that can never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria terrorism. Good parenting too much challenging also so I thought to buy college essay on this topic for my next exams. What do you say? Thanks.

Is a good idea. Thanks for your comment 

Hi Dear! you wrote well .I appreciated

It's good conversation ,I must join because it's really genuine issue .With the passage of time weapons and other drugs reduced but other little sins which parents things it's not a bid deal are there.

What you say?

Like aggressive talk ,discrimination between rich and poor and many others.... 

Parents should avoid generation gap and be like their friends.

Encouraging children to take an interest in Grandma or Grandpa is a matter of including them in the daily aspects of an elderly person's care. Children who are taught to respect their elders are much more inclined to help take care of them. Those who have developed close emotional bonds to grandparents or great-grandparents are more understanding and patient with people who have disabilities. Such children know that they have to speak a little louder and a little slower around Grandma, or that Grandpa may need a little extra help getting into bed at night. Children without grandparents can reap the same benefits from an adopted grandparent.

Leading by example

Quality of life for both children and any senior citizen means communication. Show children through your behavior how you want them to behave toward their elders. For example:

  • Plan activities that include both younger children and the older adult
  • Show respect and attention to elders, which in turn helps teach children to do the same
  • Engage in storytelling — every day, one person tells a story: Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, or the child
  • Have Grandma or Grandpa teach children new skills
  • Allow children to read to elders, and vice versa
  • Encourage children and elders to share or take an interest in each other's hobbies or interests

Now circumstances are different.Parents should avoid generation gap and be like their friends.Because parents guide better as a friend than the strick parents.They should spend time , play game and brought some cake,candies and gifts.We have a offer for these parents if you want window candy boxes please visit because the boxes provide the best display to candies. Window candy boxes can hold a level of sweetness proportional only to the finest taste of candies.

Stay blessed.Thanks for this discussion.


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