May d lord God almighty touch mr president to bring down d prise of cement and kerosing 4 d benefit of us all, Amen

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Amen o o o
Every well meaning of this country will say AMEN to this prayer.
but they have never been a time ween the prise of things come down in the world we just have think of a way out

my people, since our president came to power kerosine, fuel, diesl and gas increase to the highest rate, so many people will want to blame him to me is not his fault, we need to give him a chance to rule us because we all know that he his a good person.........but mr. president help us the masses..../


The astronomical increase in the price of diesel and kero is a product of the crisis in the gulf (North Africa and Arab Nations)


@ Mr. Charles how? ar we importing fuel and kerosine 4rm northen africa. What happend 2 our rifinaries. All the money our socall lawmakers lotus in the name of loans, securities nonsense, constituency gost projects. Is not enough to fix theses problems. The bible said that. Faith without work is death, that is what we nigerian knows best fasting and praying while our leaders are feeding on our wealth. We are praying for miracle which will never come. May God deliver us from the hands of PAPA DECEIVED PIKIN CALL PDP. There are starting another 4years of EMPTY PROMISESS. MAKING 16 GOOD OR BAD YEARS OF UNINTERPORTED BAD LEADERSHIP. 12YEARS GOING TO 16YEARS OF CORRUPTIONS OF THE HIGHEST ORDERS. MY DREAM IS THAT ONE DAY WE WILL GET THERE.


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