God be in my head and in my understanding (reason )
God be in my eye and in my seeing
God be in my hear and in my hearing
God be in my heart and in my thinking
God be at end and in my departure.

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Fellow readers and vanguard members, I will like you to take an opportunity of reading the research and revelation of the Nigeria mystery of which am working hard on it to implore all Nigerians to get this to the back of their mind and seeking a various support to make it a reality for new Nigeria initiative. The link to the revelations is: http://idealrealistnetwork.blogspot.com. It is all about empowering ourselves and get enlightened for a new era. Please, endeavor to read with assiduity. It is a must read article to examine the evidence you are living in. Thanks.
May God be with us. (amen)

Sodiq Bolaji


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