Global Fashion Week and Awards, a global fashion business, trade, exhibition and expo for all fashion, luxury, lifestyle, textile, fabrics and beauty brands. a leading full-service runway showcasing, strategic marketing, media planning and public relations project that is exclusively devoted to the fashion and lifestyle industry in globally. GLOBAL FASHION WEEK, A GLOBAL BRAND OF FACE OF THE WORLD ORGANISATION, Global Fashion Week and Awards was founded and initiated by BUCHI GEORGE, the president of FACE OF THE WORLD ORGANISATION and also UNITED NATIONS FASHION WEEK, COMMONWEALTH FASHION WEEK IN 1999. THE FACE OF THE WORLD ORGANISATION TEAM, GLOBAL FASHION WEEK, GLOBALLY SUPPORTING GLOBAL CHILDREN EDUCATION, WITH THE THEME--CATWALK TO EDUCATE A CHILD.Encouraging global designers to better market themselves and achieve their goals. Consistently working with worldwide media outlets, bloggers, buyers, editors, stylists, photographers, retailers and designers. Global Fashion Week and Awards not only aims to create seamless plans and productions for each designer's show but offers the best integrated runway experience to every guest as well as focusing on each brand's organic growth and sustainable business value. Over the years, it has become a source and a platform to discover and promote cutting edge innovative fashion designers through runway shows and exhibitions. With an excellent team and broad partnerships specialized in strategic marketing, fashion event planning and a customized approach, GFWA can better leverage it's connections and professional knowledge to help each client increase brand awareness, build a loyal clientele and achieve a brands mission. In the competitive world of fashion, Global Fashion Week and Awards is the ultimate authority and choice for each designer and fashion enthusiast.

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Oh, this fashion weeks and other stuff are just awful. While manufacturers support the killing of animals for leather and fur, it worths nothing. World need to stop it. Or maybe I'm overjudging?

I don't agree with you. Fashion is not always about fur and leather, you know. Did you ever hear about Faux Fur? Yes, this is not a luxury at all, but it's popular. I bought a nice Faux Fur coat at Lily Lulu Fashion for my cousin for Christmas, and she was happy, all through she loves nature just like you. And it costs much less than "natural" fur. The coat I bought for my cousin cost like £65.00 or something... I can't actually remember right now. The point is - stuff is awesome. You should try it.

You know, all fashion weeks are different. My favourite ones are Milan fashion week and Paris fashion week. I adore bads by prada and costumes by Chanel. That's a pity that such clothes are very expensive. However, I read detailed Luxurytastic Replicas information by Belene Chandia and it helps me to buy clothes cheaper


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