Give Us 15% of Royalty or forget Justice – Politicians

Give Us 15% of Royalty or forget Justice – Politicians

Everybody knows the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. But many don’t know the significance of the round table. It is interesting and it shows a lot about the values that were developing during the middle Ages.

The Middle Ages just as it is in Nigeria today, were a very tumultuous and difficult period to live in. There were wars, barbarian hordes, plagues, famine, the crusades and many other things as we have wars, corruption, unemployment, poverty and injustice in Nigeria today. The normal mode of operation was to take something by force. This is what the kings, knights and lords did. They fought, battled, killed and took what they wanted. In short there was little value placed on the individuals without power.

But through this there was a shifting in the belief system of people and knighthood played a key role in this shifting. Along with the development of chivalry came the belief in the worth of individuals whether or not he held land, money or weapons. And the Round Table is a good example of the individual’s value and a spring of positive changes.

On King Clement Uwemedimo’s Round Table laid the map of Nigeria and a decorated master plan. As an observer I watched as the warriors, knights and nobles hatched plans on how to make Nigeria a cynosure of all nations.

The royalty accrued and expected from the patented invention of the Anti-Corrosive Special Paint by King Prof. Clement Uwemedimo is worth more than 150 billion dollars. I was humbled and challenged by the truthfulness and passion at the Round Table meeting. Renowned engineers and professionals in many disciplines were invited from every State of the federation to the Kings Round Table at Eket, Uyo in Akwa-Ibom State and heads were put together on how to do exploits with the money.

Creation of 150 cottage industries across the nation, building of world class universities and upgrading of all universities across the nation, setting up of research institutes with adequate funding of all available research institutes, stable electricity, provision of motor able roads nationwide, provision of social amenities, a social security scheme that’ll put an end to abject poverty and many more. Too good to be true ehn? With the great minds behind the plans I couldn’t doubt the reality. The money accrued through the patent of Comandclem Nig. Ltd is more than enough to sustain this plans. My only concern is how to make sure justice is served and the money paid.

The patent was infringed by many companies, and Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited is the number one infringer, to add salt to injury and playing on Nigerians intelligence, they are presently at the Supreme Court claiming ownership of the invention. I wonder how a thief caught in the act could have the effrontery to claim ownership of a stolen item.

In the pursuit of justice, Comandclem Nigerial Ltd has endured injustice and frustrations from the Judiciary, Politicians and security operatives. The selfish gains of Judges and politicians have blinded their eyes from the collective blessings this invention will bestow on Nigeria and Nigerians. If the inventor could have so much human kindness to share the royalties and use it only for the betterment of Nigeria and Nigerians, I besiege our judges and politicians by the sufferings of Nigerians to turn a new leaf.

In pursuit of Justice and hope for Nigeria, Comandclem Nig Ltd has approached so many influential people to right the wrongs. Amongst them is our former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who waded into the matter and thereafter advised the company to seek redress and justice at the supreme court of Nigeria.

Same cannot be said of politicians presently at the elms of power demanding a staggering 15% of the royalties to be gotten from the invention as compensation to get the denied justice. I wonder how much Mobil would have paid Politicians and Judges to influence the outcome of the case at the Supreme Court.

Justice truly is for Sale.

Ken Oloye

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