Hello is me again, with another dimentional approach of social analysis. I have the conviction that reacting with females alone wil reciprocally faded one's life. The point behind this can be clearly stated, girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble. They spell it sooner or later. What did you suggest?

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Great men used to fall in love,and only their luckiest few were able to stand again. And now,the wise are standing in love.
U are right, i witness where a ma attempt to commit sucide bcos of he trouble he find hmself n this caused by a lady.
Wel,kul bt doz dat hit d rock are mostly doz dat went by beauty terminate character.Rmba dy said dt wen beauty s overestimate,waywardness folows.
We d guyz or rather many goez 4 beauty of a wman livin character asid.4gttin dy said dat d beauty of a wman s her character.
I'v heard of many stories whr guy ran crzy bcuz of gurlz bt i c dt as stupidity
Is it only girls?   I hope you mean women,  anyway  boys too if one has to be objective.  Its all depends on whom you meet. Many women have be made lifeless by men without due regards.
@All, thanks for your contribution.
But in addition girls or women if i may add, are the sources of 50 percent crime that take place in this country. Despite the fact that most of them want money from men. The worst thing is that they don't care where you get the money from.
@lix oghodua, u are right but did u know that it is the women that distroy there life. They think they are wise, they turn men into ATM machine. So i see no reason to blame men 4 that.
No where cool.  So with ladies, so with me.  Women are necesary evil.  We cannot avoid them completely but we can thread with caution while dealing with them.  Women on their own part will also tell you the evil sides of men.  It is so everywhere. All in all we must make provision for lapses in any relationship we enter into. That way, we shall feel less pain when it goes sour.
It's true dat girl can kill faster dan vehicle.


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