Gifts for grades – “the gift of a man makes ways for him”

We are still in the season of love – valentine; friends, families, lovers and loved ones have made out time to share an give love in diverse ways, materials and emotional. But do you ever think your favorite lecturer or that most hated lecturer in your department needs some love, gifts for valentine? Think about it taking into consideration the on-going examinations in many Nigerian Universities, including your school, in conclusion of the 2019/2020 academic session.

I remember my last days as undergraduate, conducting my final year project  was so tough because I was working  a job too. I barely had other project topics and research materials to guide me. I was doing what seems like an entirely new topic and the only guideline I could get hands on, was an unpublished Ph.D work.  But something made it even easier and that is my relationship with my supervisor ( a female lecturer). I always thought she is too tough to handle and unfriendly. Gifts worked the magic. Opening up to her about my work schedule was a tough decision I had to make but she ended up suggesting how best to balance our meeting days in my favour. Sounds magical right?

Gifts no matter how little it looks, is an effortless extension of care, regard, kindness, show of love and a token of appreciation to someone plus it’s  a soft way to ask for a relationship . So I think your lecturers deserve some of yours.

The title of this article sounds like we’re urging you to offer gifts to lecturers in exchange for grades; sorry that’s too direct for our interpretation of gifting a lecturer. Remember what the good book says that  the gift of a man makes ways for him... by significance, gifting your lecturer especially in seasons like valentine automatically opens up the doors of closeness and establishes a cordial relationship between you and your lecturer no matter their gender. They begin looking out for you including your grades too, to ensure you’re doing well.

Why is this coming now


It's Still a season of love

It’s the season on love so every gift you can afford in this season is so special. More than words is all you need to show how much you care. Many times we’ve heard how lecturers get sick and die. A lot of them are facing too many challenges including debts and high blood pressure. But the flashy cares and mean faces won’t let you see it. Go now and show love to your teacher.

It’s is strategic

It’s exams season; don’t you think a gift will grant you a grand passage into  your lecturers’ bosom. Your paper may be marked with mercy, you may never know.

We care so much about you and your academic success so we came through with this hack. We hope you normalize gifting your lecturers. Spread love and light .

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