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PDF also known as Portable document format that usually used for document exchange. Since it is highly compressed file, it can be easily accessed and downloaded. It is compatible with different Mac platforms and can be used on iPhone, iPad, iMac etc. The secured feature of the PDF help users to keep content intact and safe from any kind of data misinterpretation. Moreover, you can also encrypt PDF file by setting Pdf Password Remover Mac in USA @ 1-866-866-2369 to prevent any unauthorized access.

Follow the below steps to unlock your PDF files:

Step 1: First, install and configure the PDF restriction remover tool in your system. Then open the tool and select the files. Here, you have two options either use "Select single PDF File" or "Select multiple PDF files". Click on Next button.

Step 2: Now, all the information related to the PDF files will display. Such as file name, title, subject, author, creator, etc. Click Next to process to next step.

Step 3: In this step you can enter a new name to your output PDF file and click Unprotect PDF button.

Step 4: After a few seconds, you will get a message about successfully completion of the process. Now, click on OK button.

Some important features of PDF Restriction Remover Tool:

  • Automatically search all the PDF files exist in the system.
  • Single as well as multiple password removing option.
  • Remove restriction from the PDF files and allow user to print, edit, comment, assemble, and extract the files.
  • It is fully support to all PDF files created in any version of Adobe Acrobat.

If you don't have the administrator or author rights, only possible solution left with you is to go for a third party PDF Restriction Remover. It is an advanced tool that can remove various security parameters imposed over the PDF file. It works as a stand-alone application and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat to be installed for its proper functioning. Tool is safe to use and does not modify the content of the PDF files.



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