GEM-USA and BOA distribute palliative to community in Lagos, Nigeria

The belief that location matters when it comes to success and good fortune is usually not true; if that Ideology is true then Dongo Community will still be left out of the Global Empowerment Movement and Blessings of Africa Foundation Altruistic visitation with Palliatives.

Dongo Community, a suburb in Lagassa in Ibeju Lekki axis of Lagos comes alive on Sunday when GEM USA/ BOA extended palliatives to them. The community lacks all the basic amenities, like schools, healthcare, electricity, potable water etc.; their only means of transportation in and out of the community are their locally made canoes and motor engines without any measure of safety on board.

Dongo Community is a smallish island surrounded by trees, and separated from the Lagassa, Laokwe and Bogije Towns by water. The small community seems to be cut away from the development going on in around Ibeju Lekki axis of Lagos

The Coronavirus pandemic is far from being over but life must move on and as the world over gradually returns to normal life with all safety measures still in place, one woman, an Amazon with a heart of Gold and love for motherland Africa is working round the clock by the day to see how to improve the lots of the Motherland, in the light of that, she decided to single-handedly provide palliatives of foodstuffs to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged. She empowers the Nigeria Representative of the Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) and The Blessings of Africa (BOA) Foundation, Mr Paul-Julius Obomokhai and his team to take palliatives to the people of Dongo Community in Lagos Nigeria.

The great humanitarian, Dr Queen Blessing Itua, Founder and President of GEM USA and BOA Foundation despite living in the United States of America always work and think Africa and how to better the Motherland. She Specifically instructed that the Beneficiaries be identified and be served the palliatives in persons on a one-on-one, hand-by-hand basis; this is so so that actual beneficiaries get the food supplies.

Dongo Community is ruled by a very humble man, great leader and Father, Chief Samsondeen Hassan, Bale of Dongo community.

The team which was led by Mr Paul Julius Obomokhai, Movie Director /GEM/BOA Nigeria Representative, had other notable personalities from Nollywood and the Media as delegates. Other team members include;

Commander COC Nze, NOLLYWOOD veteran Actor, Cynthia Agholor, Nollywood Screen Diva, Chris Ubani Roberts, Nollywood Veteran Actor, Tony-Mike Edozie, a Journalist from Access weekly magazine, Odiagbe Marcel, journalist and a blogger, other crew members include
Nelson Nwaizim, Director of Photography, Desmond Julius, Idris Adisa, Ifeanyichukwu Edozie, Stillwater Photographer, Ifunanya James, Nelson Ugwu, Editor and Chief Nurudeen Adisa, Community Leader.

Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) Corporation is a nonprofit humanitarian organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), duly established in the USA with a 501 (c)(3) status since 2015 for empowerment blessings.

Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) is dedicated to bridging the gap, empowering and blessing lives through economic empowerment, advocacy, and support of People in Need (PIN), with a focus on Women In Need (WIN) and Youths in Needs (YIN), and especially abused/abandoned Single Mothers and Children in Distress (SMACID) to better-living conditions.

GEM aims to champion the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including poverty eradication and alleviation of suffering in developing communities through economic empowerment, using locally-focused, life-changing, culturally customized empowerment programs to target the specific needs of those we serve in our global community, in partnership with YOU and affiliates for a better World.

We Are the Blessings of Our Communities, We Are the Blessings of our World, and we are Stronger Together.

Special thanks to Akanni Jamiu, the Aro 1 of Dongo Community, who facilitated the meeting with the community and Chief Samsondeen Hassan, Bale of Dongo community

In a chat with Access weekly magazine media team, Mr Paul-Julius said that Dr Queen Blessing Itua usual statement is "Nothing makes life sweeter than making people happy" he explained that the people we are helping today might become our soldiers in the battle of life tomorrow, he said Dr Queen Blessing would have chosen to invest her resources in properties but she decided otherwise because to her, to invest in people is far far better. As we try to make money, we must also try hard to make people happy and clean their tears, because it is a more honourable thing to acquire. He said the greatest desire of Dr Itua is raising achievers, she promised to assist the People of Dongo to acquire some of the basic social amenities like, Clean drinking water, school and electricity that makes life a lot better. She thanked the team for engaging in such an arduous task of crossing the lagoon with such dangerous boats without life jackets, no insurance and putting their lives on the line to put smiles on the faces of the people and bringing happiness to the good and hospitable people of Dongo Community.

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