There is no doubt that enthusiasm of GEJ in next month Presidential election is burning across the nation like a wide fire in the Hamattan, like the coming of Barak Obama, every Nigerian are looking unto GEJ hoping he will be the biblical Joshua who will hold the sun to standstill till the enemy is conquer.  You know what, that is ok. like Barak Obama who receive a noble price before he familialized himself in the white house, GEJ has already crown King of Aso Rock despite dissing 150 million Nigerians in Presidential debate. GEJ feel that Nigerians do not worth or merit standing on the podium for 45 minutes, look at them directly in the eye and tell them what he will do for them as if he elected., his egotism will not allow him to stand with his fellow Nigerians runing for same office because the party of rigging has his back. like the saying , those whom palm cannel is cracking by benevolent spirit do not have to humble.  GEJ self assurance, arrogant attitude is an evidence of what to come. GEJ knows that he do not need to plead to Nigerian electorates to get elected hence he overlook his fellow citizen and never care to tell them what his agenda  will look like. GEJ ironically tell Nigerians not to look beyond what his predecessors has done judging from those surrounding him, I have no doubt that the pre celebration of his Presidency across the nation will not be long after his coronation before it becomes a hangover, i have no doubt that the steam of GEj that now engulf the sky of the nation will soon evaporate like morinig dew, and like Barak Obama all the expectations will soon buried in ocean of dissapointments, rivers of excuses and Avenues of status quo.   

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Pls u're a dissapointment 4 feeding us wit ill -gotten statement.if u've been busy by doing nothing at American cities, I'm here 2 remind u that u've lost relevant in Nigerian politics, u don't dare 2 attacked GEj ok. lazy mind lyk u are nt seeing anything gud in Nigeria.wht's GEj arrogancy dodging debate? Incase u've 4got, there's a criteria set 4 debates in Nigeria.NTA, Broadcasting cooperatn of Nigeria (bon) even Nigerian local stations were nt invited by d organizers bt they were busy invited foreign press 2 organized a debate 4 us, so in all gentility nt arrongancy as u said, our president cldn't dim it fit 2 attend such debate cos it was'nt our traditn nd more if Nigerian press nt (foreign) organize any debate i bate u he'll be there. wht did u mean by saying GEJ cldn't stand by his fellow contestants and unfold wht he had on mind 2 do if elected? Our president is a briliant man, if elected there'll be economics revolutn in dis country, so if u dwell by d pass u've 2 be reminded dat Gej is a new political aspiration of all Nigerians. if u doubted come april we're going 2 vote him into power.
Mr Charles, u trying to be too personal, when exprssing your opinion you do not have to be personal, you can disgree with people but do not let your different opinion be person for that the reason we fight and kill each other. just look what is happening in Akwa Ibom and across the nation, innocents die because of disagreement, it suppose not to be so. Am no attacking GEJ, am a citizen like him and i have the right to disagree with him, if i were to cast my vote today, i will cast my vote for him, not only because he come from same region with me but he is only hope today to make changes and divoice many status quo, no matter what standard created by the organizer of the debate, i feel it cannot be worst for GEJ than for three others. that is my point, make a worst situation better, GEJ is an intelleget man like you say, he capable of turning the forum of the debate better than what the organizer have in mind by his appearance. Nigeria is my country, i love that country no matter where i am. lets be civil in our opinions.  

Please.please my brothers shed ure swords ok. GEJ will attend the BON interview and not the one done by southafrican money chasers in Nija.GEJ is a PHD Holder and he is very very humble.Cant you read body language?His body disposition is cool for us as Mr President.He is smart too and intelligent.So please do not quarrel or crucify him for dodging that so called presidential debate ok.HE WILL COME FOR THE BON DEBATE.


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