British PM Vows To Export Gay Marriage Worldwide- Signs Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 20013.

Is David Cameron a Christian? By Samuel Askia Jr 
I am a Christian, thereby am guided by the Laws of the Christian Faith, though i may not pass for a very religious person, i try my best within my ability to Live rightly guided by the principles of God.
Recent happenings around the world have left me in the wilderness of endless thought.
A woman is the strength and Honor of a Home. It is usually believed that, until a man is married, he is incomplete. For the woman is the Bone of his Bone and Flesh of his Flesh, thereby his Missing Rip. This is the definition of God, as regards Marriage. God made Eve that she could be a solace and a source of joy to Adam, if Gay Marriage was the intention of God for marriages, i dare say, he would have created another Man not Eve.
The pathetic manner in which World Leaders , predominantly Christians, are agitating for Gay Marriage is an insult to the Christian Faith, yet we see no hope from the Vatican and other Christian bodies in revolting and protesting against this abominable act.
Fundamental Human Rights have its roots in Christianity as a Faith. Gay Union is forbidden in Christianity; therefore it has no place as a fundamental human right. 
The Bible in Leviticus chapter 18 gave an outline of abominable acts, while i admit that some of such abominable acts are still committed today, Non of such abominable acts have being freely canvassed like that of Gay Marriage. 
Leviticus 18: 22, “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is abomination” 
The consequence to the radical violation of this abomination is drastic, See Verses 24 – 30.
While the individual practice of such acts is punishable by God on individual bases, Legalizing such Abomination (Gay Marriage) as described in the Holy Bible by our governments, will destroy the entire nation, as what the Bible promised in Lev: 24-30 is inevitable.
I am more provoked at the response of the Church in championing this insane course, the church should slow down with miracles, prosperity, deliverance services and combat this cankerworm called Gay marriage, in the greatest interest of the church, the Society and generation yet unborn.
I cannot conclude this piece without expressing my disgust at Leaders of the Church again, which have derailed in the Christian faith by clearly contravening the Holy Book, and legalizing Gay Unions by accepting to wed them. 
Let me also condemn U.S and the UK for championing such a dehumanizing fantasy, and their resolve to export such abnormality to the world.
I hereby call on Christians around the world to uphold the Teachings of our faith and reject Gay Rights in Africa and beyond. 
Marriage is between a Man and Woman, not Man and Man.

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