further points to prove the fact that, it is wrong for the president to appoint advisers without given awareness to the house

Section 151 of the 1999 constitution allows the president to appoint a number of advisers (approved by the senate) to him in his work
But what the president does is to appoint all number of aides that have become a drain on our national resources. We should blame this on the dereliction of duty by the national assembly which has fail to precribe the number of aids the president could appoint as well as their emulument, so let the house call the president to ORDER

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There is nothing with the appointment of aids by the president.  He cannot do the job alone.  He needs people to work with.  The only thing is that members of the national assembly should prone down on the numbers and approve based on his needs.  Some positions are not really necessary. some are just to compensate political allies.


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