The judgment in‎ suit B/115/89. P. 30 declares that the testator succeeds Exclusively #10 Isehure Str. This judgment was given in his favor on 19/06/95.

In a defendant counter affidavit to a motion on notice dated 4/4/12 and filed 5/4/12 in the suit B/188/12 (paragraph 25) ‘‘That late Engr. Samuel Enadeghe UMWENI has no Igiogbe as my father has transferred No. 16, Oba Adolor Crescent to Enawederhu in 1988 and l0a and 10b Isiruhe street to Itohan and Osamudiamen''. But now in a New twist in the Motion B/649/13 Is contradicting and shows a guise in the transfer. Any statement that is made falsely under Oath is a criminal offence called Perjury. If guilty a person will go to jail for at least two years.
..this shows the defendant claiming the testator‎ was not of  disposing mind and memory  in making the will. ‎
What dose this impile.. A big scam?

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The judgment in Suit No: B/115/89 particularly at page 30 of the said judgment declared that the testator exclusively succeeds the property at No. 10, Isiruhe Street, Benin City and the said judgment was delivered on the 19th day of June, 1995, therefore any claim of ownership before the said date is null and void.

In the said suit No: B/115/89 the 2nd plaintiff’s witness gave evidence that after the burial in which the plaintiff alone performed the “Oton ceremony” the Ihogbe family installed the Ukhure shrine for the plaintiff and the Ukhure has been kept by the Ihama not the Isekhure.

The minutes of the meeting held with selected members of the Ihogbe royal family presided over by Chief Isekhure and recorded by Mr. Samson Uso on the 27th day of February, 2000 clearly shows that the meeting was convened on the instruction of the testator wherein he made his submission and decision.

There is nowhere in the said minutes of the meeting it is mentioned or recorded that I and my sister, even the brothers and or sisters of the testator were invited to the said meeting. I only became aware of the said meeting in the course of court proceedings.


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