Not everyone is the outdoor or adventurous type , but every love life needs a rekindling. When two people get used to each other as they tend to do, relationships might get boring. The butterflies and excitement you felt at first may dim down and even sizzle out. This is where a little twist in how you spend time together can make a difference.
Going out to the movies or to restaurants together is not a bad idea. But sometimes take your loved ones outdoors and bring in an element of surprise.
Spending time outdoors with your loved ones helps to improve the existing bond and is also good for the health. Outdoor activities together can help both of you to improve your relationship. When partners attempt something new , research shows that they feel more attracted to each other.
These new experiences and memories give you energy and even help improve upon your love life .
Here is our list of outdoor activities you can enjoy with a loved one:

Hiking in the woods or on the beach
With beautiful beaches around Lagos and numerous hiking trails in Nigeria , why not take a walk arm in arm, exploring the countryside. Such walks can be very therapeutic and provide a good opportunity for you to explore your surroundings afresh .

Street photography
Photography is a great way to reduce stress and gain a newfound appreciation for the world around you. You don’t have to be a professional or have a professional DSLR camera ; a phone will do just fine.
Take pictures of the same spots or objects in turns and compare the results. The best pictures become your new wallpaper.

Even if your loved one can ’ t walk far , a simple stroll can do wonders for their physical and mental health . A short or long walk along your street or park gives a good room for both of you to have meaningful discussion and, at the same time , get fit.

Basking in natural surroundings and taking in the fresh air is a great remedy for the week ’ s stress . It can also help stimulate jaded appetites you’ve both lost.
Organise a little picnic far away from your home. Pack a few snacks , drinks , a little music player and a mat and head out. Stay till evening and watch the sunset. These little things can leave long - lasting memories.

Bird watching
First , buy binoculars and then enjoy the view of beautiful birds from a park or a game reserve . You can also buy a birds- identification guidebook . That way , when you sight a bird, both of you can try to figure out what species it might be. This gives you the opportunity to observe the wildlife around you and spend time together outdoors.

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Sadly, but I broke up with my girlfriend last month and I can't really do all these activities with my loved one. Will they be so entertaining for me if I go solo? I always wanted to try camping but my girl never really was into going out actually. But right now it's a perfect moment for me to try, don't you think so? I think I need to buy a solo tent for this purpose. Can you recommend to me a website where I can buy it?

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Hmmmm. Thoughtful and interesting


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