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E-40 isn’t to far removed from releasing his joint album with B-Legit, neither rapper sounded a day over thirty five. On May 19 E-40 announced a new album, Gift of Gab, was ready-to-go. Now it appears Forty Water has a date circled for its release, the 24th of August 2018.E-40 made the announcement via Twitter where he also offered his covert art design, a simple definition of the expression “Gift of Gab:” the ability to speak with eloquence and fluency. E-40 claim to the culture has been use of dialect, more so than anything he’s done on the production level. That isn’t to say his influence doesn’t lie elsewhere, but Forty’s wordplay is the stuff of legend and pervasive to enough find its place in the vocabulary of an entire Coastal region. E-40 is close to asking for reparations on the matter.
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DOWNLOAD ZIP: E-40 – The Gift of Gab (Zip File)

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