Full Album: BZZY – ‘Before I Jump’ (Free Mp3 Zip Download)

httpsimages.genius.com959a24533cae2406dbc1967379518061.1000x1000x1 - Full Album: BZZY – 'Before I Jump' (Free Mp3 Zip)

While at SXSW I had the opportunity to connect with BZZY, who is formerly known as Bizzy Crook. The Miami rapper is currently working on his upcoming ‘Before I Jump’ project, so we definitely had to talk about that, amongst other things.

During the interview BZZY explained ‘Before I Jump’ was centered around was a man living in L.A. from and is pursuing a career in music, is dealing with personal issues, and has a baby on the way, and more. When I asked if the man the story was about was him he replied, “it’s almost like a “Twilight Zone” episode in itself where it’s not me, but it is me.”

Download Mp3 File Below:

DOWNLOAD MP3: BZZY – Before I Jump (Zip File)

Download Full Zip File Below:

DOWNLOAD ZIP: BZZY – Before I Jump (Zip File)

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