The Warri Sector command of the FRSC with offices in DSC Camp area of Ovwian Aladja has now introduced a new means of extorting money from poor unsuspecting motorists in the area. The new system is that they will stop you, demand for your vehicle particulars and drivers' license. While still holding on to your vehicle particulars, they will demand to see your fire extinguisher. When you produce this, they will then ask of your 'Car Fire Protection Cerificate' If you cannot produce this (as many motorist can not), they will then direct you to their 'agent' where you can obtain it for N3,200. The funny thing about this is that some enlightened motoritists who refused to succumb to their demands threathening his or her preparedness to go to court would have their vehicle papers returned to them.

My question to the FRSC Corps Marshall and the Federal government: Is this a new addition to the existing vehicle documents approved by the Federal government or the FRSC for issuance to vehicle owners across this country? Or is it an invention of the FRSC Delta state with the backing of any legal instrument?

If this is an illegal action by the Warri sector command it should be investigated and appropriate actions taken to save the image of the Commission.

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