Thanks to the partnership between the
Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) and
SES, the world-leading satellite operator
who launched Nigeria’s first free-to-air
(FTA) DTH digital TV platform whose aim
is to broadcast these FTA channels to the
homes of residents in West Africa for a
It is said that the SES’s ASTRA 2F satellite
at 28.2° E will begin its broadcast service
officially during the ember months of
2018 and it would avail both local and
international broadcasters in the West
African region the opportunity to
expand their base.
Also individuals can also enjoy these 28
FTA channels at the 28.2 degrees, but
you would need to know the
requirements for installation procedures
as well as the frequencies to tune, so as
to watch these channels in the FTA
In this write-up, we list the frequencies
of these free-to-air channels and the
process of installing the FTA channels
satellites, so you can watch them on
your television.
Hardware Requirements for
FTA Channels For Installation
Before installation proper, note that the
FTA channels you can reach is
dependent on size of dish and direction
to which it is pointed. We advise you use
a large dish to get more channels. The
hardware requirement include:
FTA Decoder.
Dish size should be (90cm or 60cm)
nothing less than 1.8 m with a C
KU band multiple LNB to track
multiple satellites and get more FTA
channels easily.
Quality HD and MPEG-4 satellite
receivers and
Radio Frequency cables.
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Dish Size & Latest Free To Air
Satellites For Installation
Mega Choice at 29/30° East TP:
11294 H: 45000 Dish: 1m
Multi TV (Astra2F) at 28.2°, 28.5°
and 26° East TP: 11595 H: 30000
Dish: 1m
Hotbird at 13° East TP:11541
H:22000 Dish: 3m
AFN at 9° East TP: 11804 H: 27500
Dish: 1 m
Eutelsat at 36° East TP: 12245 H:
Eutelsat at 7° East TP: 11599 H:
27500 Dish: 1 m
Eutelsat at 15° East Dish: 0.9 m
Sirius 4 at 5° East Dish: 0.9 m
Intelsat 20 at 68.5° East TP: 12633
H: 16166 Dish: 0.6 m
Intelsat 7 at 68.5° East TP: 12722 H:
26657 Dish: 0.6 m
SES at 4.8° East TP: 12014 H: 30000
Dish: 0.6 m (0.9 m recommended)
NSS7 at 22° West TP: 10986 H:
30000 Dish: 0.6 m

Free to air (FTA) frequencies 2019

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